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3 Simple Kitchen Tricks to Cut Calories Not Taste

So you want to cut some calories, but have no interest in eating bland food that resembles cardboard. Me too! I am here to tell you it is possible to cut calories without removing all the tasty goodness from your favorite foods. Here are my 3 favorite ways to cut the calories and keep the taste.

Start with Your Morning Coffee

5 flavors of sweatleaf sweet drops 0 calorie sweetner to cut caloriesI am a coffee drinker. Coffee is life giving, comfort in a mug and no one will tell me otherwise. Coffee can also be a sneaky calorie hoarder, especially if you are one who likes flavor in your coffee like me. I started an elimination diet 2 weeks ago and my delicious flavored coffee creamer did not make the cut. NOW WHAT! I am certainly not giving up my coffee.  My solution – Sweat Leaf Sweet Drops. Now instead of filling my cup with flavored creamer, I add a couple drops of my favorite flavor with Sweet Drops. Made with stevia instead of sugar, I indulge in the delicious flavors of chocolate, caramel, and vanilla without adding a single calorie to my morning coffee. Click here to check them out for yourself.

Switch Up Your Salad Dressing

Simple Girl Organic Dressing to cut caloriesAs I mentioned, I am on an elimination diet, so all sorts of things became “no-nos” for the next 61 days. Sometimes taking things out makes you find amazing alternatives you never knew existed. I found Simple Girl Dressing. Simple Girl dressing is vinegar based and contains no oil. The calories are cut, but it has loads of flavor. It is perfect for marinades as well as salads. Don’t want to give up the oil completely, use Simple Girl as your start and add your own healthy oil right to your salad. Put yourself in the control of the amount and type of oil, rather than a manufacturer. Click here to explore your Simple Girl Dressing options. Simple Girl also has a number of BBQ sauces and spice blends. They are definitely worth exploring.

Add Flavor While Cooking

One way to cut calories is to add flavor while you are cooking, rather than adding butter, oil, and creamy sauces after. One way to do this is by cooking potatoes, vegetables, and pasta in broth instead of water. The broth adds flavor making additional condiments less important later. I am a fan of making my own bone broth. Here is my recipe for chicken bone broth. Not interested in adding “make bone broth” to your list of things to do, there are many boxed options available for your use. Click here to explore some of the varieties available to you.

Get Ready to Enjoy Your Healthy Choices

Take it from me, healthy choices do not need to be boring and tasteless. Try these three simple kitchen tricks to decrease your unnecessary calories without sacrificing taste. Make good choices today for a healthier tomorrow.

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