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Dawn Marie BeauchampWelcome to the land of Controlled Chaos!

My name is Dawn Marie Beauchamp, a wife and mother of three living in the great state of Michigan. I am one of those eclectic types who constantly changes the direction of my path.  My journey began with a BS in Music from Eastern Michigan University. Then, I taught Pre-K 4s for 5 years. A sharp left turn later, I earned my MBA from Walsh College. I used that degree as a HR Director for almost 8 years. Currently, I am home running my husband’s growing Electrical company, raising my three awesome children, and blogging. Controlled Chaos is more than a snappy title for my lifestyle blog, it is my true to life description of everyday life. We can fight against it or breathe into it. I prefer to breathe as we plan to go right and everything moves over to the left at the last second. As long as we are together, everything will work out for the best.

More about me, I have a passion for cooking and love to feed the ones I love. I believe food should taste good and be free of as many additives as possible. Outside of cooking, I love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing with my family.  My husband and I are also avid DIY-ers and constantly have a project or two in motion. When on my own, I enjoy reading, exercise, movies, and podcasts. Finally, my Christian Faith weaves in and out of everything I do. Faith gives me purpose, peace, and grace – things I hope to share with the world around me.

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Thank you for joining me on the path of Controlled Chaos, let’s have some fun!


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