My Mom – A Legacy of Unconditional Love

My mom taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. Her life was a constant reflection of faith, family, and love. Her legacy will forever fill the lives of everyone who knew her. In my own words, here is the summary of my mom's beautiful life. A smile that lit up any room. My Dad … Continue reading My Mom – A Legacy of Unconditional Love


City Chic to Country Girl – Outside the Comfort Zone

Ten years ago, my description of “roughing it” would consist of a hotel without a hot tub. Similarly, my idea of the “outdoors” was limited to backyard barbecues and days at the beach. Fast forward to today, I love the outdoors and spend a significant amount of time enjoying nature in all its wonder and … Continue reading City Chic to Country Girl – Outside the Comfort Zone

The Last 90 Days

My blogging journey started in April of this year. My kids wanted me to open a restaurant, to which I said no.  Their next idea was to start a YouTube channel for cooking. I said no to that one too. The suggestion started the wheels in my head in motion that I could do something … Continue reading The Last 90 Days

Seven Years a HR Mom

Today is August 1st and marks the one year anniversary of my change in careers.  It does not feel like a year.  Time keeps flying by, filled to the brim with controlled chaos, I blink and it is a year later. Before my move to full-time mom, wife, business owner, and writer, I spent seven … Continue reading Seven Years a HR Mom

Embracing Controlled Chaos

Let me introduce myself, I am Dawn Beauchamp and I reside in the great state of Michigan. My life is full of amazing blessings.  I have a wonderful husband and three amazing children.  My husband and I own a successful electrical company – he does the electrical, I run the office. I have an MBA … Continue reading Embracing Controlled Chaos

“Mom, you should open a restaurant!”

"Mom, you should open a restaurant." I hear this statement every time I make something delicious that my children love. Of course, there are other days when they look at dinner like it is toxic waste and declare Subway and McDonald's as the world's perfect foods. But so is life and I don’t let it … Continue reading “Mom, you should open a restaurant!”