Small Town Family Restaurants

Our recent trip to Northern Michigan reminded me why I love small town family restaurants. Eating out with children can be such a struggle. As a parent, I don’t want to McDonald’s to be their only idea of eating out, but dropping $50.00 for no one to eat is no fun either. We find the … Continue reading Small Town Family Restaurants


Courage > Fear

The 2019 Summer session of S3 Aquatics came to a close for my girls on Tuesday. My “mermaids in training” were a part of the S3 Montessori Learn to Swim Program. This program made such a powerful impact on my family that I need to share it with the universe. Learning to swim is such … Continue reading Courage > Fear

The Best Pizza in Northern Michigan

My family loves pizza.  They would eat it at least five times a week if I allowed it.  Our favorite place to eat pizza is the Mio Pizza Shop in Mio, Michigan.   We have a cabin in Lewiston, Michigan and travel the 3.5 hours north from our Royal Oak home about once a month. … Continue reading The Best Pizza in Northern Michigan