How to Keep Your Sanity Working From Home

Over the last 8 years I worked at home a minimum of two days a week, all the way up to the full work week. You could say I have a love-hate relationship with working from home. I love the flexibility, the freedom to care for my children, and the lack of commuting. The down … Continue reading How to Keep Your Sanity Working From Home


Seven Years a HR Mom

Today is August 1st and marks the one year anniversary of my change in careers.  It does not feel like a year.  Time keeps flying by, filled to the brim with controlled chaos, I blink and it is a year later. Before my move to full-time mom, wife, business owner, and writer, I spent seven … Continue reading Seven Years a HR Mom

For the Love of Uniforms

My children attend a Montessori charter school in Madison Heights, Michigan.  There are a million reasons I love this school, one of them being the children wear uniforms.  Though my 12 year old fashionista will explain to you how wearing uniforms is stunting her creative spirit, I know it saves us precious time and energy … Continue reading For the Love of Uniforms

Taking the Leap

I want to take you back to February of 2012.  I am UBER pregnant with our second child, moving slow, can’t wear my shoes pregnant.  My husband is working as the electrical pro at a local Lowes store and is miserable.  The hours are horrible, the pay is far less than a Master Electrician should … Continue reading Taking the Leap