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I am a creative person, my hubby is a creative person, so it is not a surprise that we are raising creative children. Watching them follow along in our DIY, anything is possible lifestyle is a sight to behold. In the spirit of their creativity and mine, we opened up an Etsy Shop – Chaos By Design. My two lovely daughter’s and I are designing apparel and home decor. Take a second to meet our young designers.






13 year old Mariana


Mariana is 13 years old and loves EVERYTHING ART. Doesn’t matter the medium, she wants to give it a try. When she takes a break from creating, Mariana loves anime, boating, swimming, fishing, hunting, and snowmobiling. She also has an interest in cosplay and special effects make-up. This girl is creative from head to toe!







daughter number 2 age 8


Alyssa is age 8 and loves all things crafty. She can easily fill an entire day creating art. Recently, Alyssa discovered Canva and enjoys creating designs. She is excited to put her designs on shirts for other’s to enjoy. When not crafting, Alyssa loves Minecraft, Legos, and playing outside.






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