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Let me introduce myself, I am Dawn Marie Beauchamp and I reside in the great state of Michigan. My life is full of amazing blessings.  I have a wonderful husband and three amazing children.  My husband and I own a successful electrical company – he does the electrical, I run the office. I have an MBA in Human Resources and successfully ran a one woman HR department for 7.5 years, while running the office for our company in my free time.  I am asked often, “How do you do it all?” My answer, I’ve learned to embrace controlled chaos.

Controlled Chaos

I define controlled chaos as the regular, everyday activities that fill our lives, while we are making all our nice, neat plans. Life is not perfectly planned and scheduled.  It is a living organism that is continually changing and evolving.  You can fight against the constant change or you can embrace it. I make a conscious effort to embrace it.

Confession Time

Confession – embracing controlled chaos is very hard for me. I am a planner.  I have plans, things to do lists, and calendars all neatly organized. There is a schedule listing where everyone is supposed to be and at what time.  I would love my life to be a well-oiled machine that never deviated from its organized path. But guess what? Things do not always go as planned, matter of fact, they rarely go as planned.  Sometimes the deviations are small and other times it is as if the earth shook and turned everything upside down.  The only way to keep my sanity is to make the choice to embrace controlled chaos and keep things moving forward as best I can.

My Why

So why am I here? I plan to share the controlled chaos of my own life to help others embrace their own version. My stories are varied, everything from life raising small children to DIY renovations on steroids. I will share my stories, share resources that I have discovered, and review things I have tried as we maneuver through this crazy life. Thank you for coming along, enjoy the ride!

Family Pic
My Family – the makers of all things chaotic and wonderful in my life.


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