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Why Exhaustion Is Not Always As Simple As Sleeping More

Have you ever said, “I’m so tired, I could sleep for a week!” Exhaustion seems like a rite of passage in our fast paced, hustle more, think big society. But what happens when the exhaustion completely takes over? Is it as simple as take a nap or go to bed an hour early? Overwhelming exhaustion can be a sign of something bigger churning inside your body. It is up to you to listen to the signs and figure out if you need a nap or something more.

Cycles of Exhaustion

Beginning as early as high school, I remember having periods where I was overcome by exhaustion. In general, it seemed I needed way more sleep than my counter parts to accomplish the same things. After a big push, like the last month of rehearsals and performances for the high school musical, I would simply crash. Here lies Dawn. She will be sleeping for the next week. Weekend naps were my friend, especially in our cold, dark Michigan winters. These cycles continued into college and beyond. Lucky for me, I figured out how to accomplish all the things, even when I really had no energy in reserve.

Searching for Answers

In my third year of college, the exhaustion became overwhelming. I basically felt like I had been hit by a truck 24/7. The only logical explanation was something medical is wrong with me. I went to the doctor waiting to hear that I had mono, my iron was dangerously low, or my thyroid was completely out of whack. The response I received – Everything is normal. Your health is perfect. Maybe you need to adjust your schedule. What?!?! It was impossible to sleep more than I was sleeping. I was not going to drop out of college. The only logical answer was to keep going because there was nothing wrong with me.

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