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How Do We Find Hope at the Intersection of Love and Faith?

Life is full of ups, downs, ins, outs and sometimes sideways events. When life is scary it makes grief and loss more up and in your face. “I don’t want to do this without my person and this is all so unfair” runs through the brain on repeat. At these times, be present to love and mindful of your faith and you will find yourself solidly heading in the direction of hope.

Present to Love

It has been 23 months since my mom died. Her death was sudden, unexpected, and caused us to make an extreme left turn in how life works from day to day. For 19 of those 23 months, we navigated a global pandemic that shut down normalcy and kept us from physically connecting as much as we would during typical times. What do you do when you are hit with hard and harder? Take small moments and be present to the love all around you. Love comes in all forms. It can be physical touch from the people in your immediate vicinity. Love comes in the form of a text message asking how your day is going. It can even manifest in 5 minutes of peace and quiet and the ability to think and breathe deeply. Soak in the small moments and let them ground you in the present.

Mindful of Your Faith

During the last 23 months, the grounding force in my mixed-up life is faith. It is not easy. Emotions are supercharged and they are very noisy. Sadness, anger, fear scream inside my brain. How do I quiet the noise to find some peace?


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