Five Ways Blogging Can Help Your Business

So … you want to start a blog.  Or maybe you don’t see the point in starting a blog, because it’s too time consuming and it’s scary putting yourself out there.


Regardless of your attitude towards blogging, did you know that blogging can be a critical part of your business strategy? Read on to learn five ways that maintaining a blog presence can help your business.

a blog presence can help you improve your visibility on the web and promote online sales.
Especially in the COVID-19 economy, a blog presence can help you improve your visibility on the web and promote online sales. Photo by Remy Baudouin on Unsplash.


1. Better Branding


Branding is essential for any business.  Blogging can help you improve your branding.  For example, if you are a science writing company like us, blogging about helpful advice for science writers can help you stay true to your brand.



2. Writing Samples (for Freelance Writers)


Future clients want to know what your writing style and tone is like.  What kinds of topics can you write naturally about?  Pickier clients may want to read some of your writing before committing to hiring you.  So it’s in your best interest to blog regularly.



3. Establish Yourself as an Authority in Your Field


Maintaining a blog is a great podium for your latest insights as a business leader.  Whether you’re writing about the best ways to improve sales, elevate your brand, or make a difference in the community, blogging is a great way to share tips and tricks and become a thought leader on the web.



4. Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving your web content to boost visibility on search engines like Google.  Hosting a blog on your website that is updated frequently means that your website always has fresh content, which is something that Google’s search algorithms weight heavily.  With improved SEO, your website will show up in more Google search results pages, which, in turn, will attract more people to your site.

To use your blog to boost your website’s SEO, make sure to post original, authoritative articles free of grammatical or spelling errors.  Content that is useful is the most important thing here, both to draw organic traffic to your site and for SEO optimization.  If you are short on time, and need to dedicate more efforts to other aspects of your business, consider hiring a freelance writer to draft your site’s blog posts.  For optimal SEO, you should aim to update your blog once or twice a week.



5. Gain More Followers and Attract More Traffic to Your Site


Blogging, in combination with a strategic social media presence, is a great way to drive traffic to your site, and gain both social media followers and blog readership.  Posting blog updates regularly on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter can help get the word out about your insights, which can also attract new followers to both your website and social media.  Finally, people may quote you and link to you on their own websites, which will both position you as a leader in your field and provide an additional SEO boost.

Starting a blog is easy.  The challenge for business owners in blogging is: how can I use my blog to elevate my company while helping others in the journey known as life?  It can be useful to gain feedback from others as you begin in your blogging journey, to find out what people think of your content, and get ideas from them on things they would want to know about.



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