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Goals or Resolutions – Which Do You Choose

Here we are 9 days into the first year of a whole new decade. Everywhere you look people are screaming about resolutions, goals, and making this the best year yet. Is anyone else overwhelmed by the immensity of creating your best self? For 2020 it is time to choose whether I make resolutions or set goals.

No More Resolutions

Resolution is defined as “a firm decision to do or not do something”. When I read this definition I feel all sorts of bad vibes. Resolution has a negative undertone. It makes me feel as if I am setting myself up for failure. So no more! I will no longer be making New Year’s resolutions; instead I will focus on goals.

Goals are Different

A goal is defined as “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result”. Doesn’t that definition feel better, more positive? Goals give room for fluidity, to change directions and adjust the end outcome. A goal is something one aims for, not a firm decision that can only be done one way.

In 2020, why not set goals and work toward achieving them. It does not have to be one year long goal, make a series of small goals. Goals can span a week, a month, a quarter – heck why not a day. They aim for something desirable, something seen as having measurable value for success. If you reach the goal – fantastic, make another. If you don’t, give yourself grace, learn, and adjust to a new version of the goal. The purpose is to aim your effort towards a positive outcome.

Who Needs to Know

Guess what? Goals are no one’s business but your own. Really, I mean it. Not one law states a goal must be shared with the entire world to make it legitimate. I did not see that in the definition. A goal is about a personal journey. If sharing gives strength and accountability to the goal, by all means tell everyone who will listen. But it is completely ok to make a goal all on your own and work towards it without a soul knowing. Choose the best path for your personality and individual needs.

What About Me?

We are nine days in and I am still working on my goals. I am sticking to small personal goals with short time lines right now. For the first three months of the year I want to move consistently, culminating in a 100 miles by the last day of March. Ditching coffee is not an option, but I plan to add way more water into the mix for this first month of the year. I would also like to read at least one new book cover to cover in the month of January.

Creative goals are on the horizon for 2020. I want to post a minimum of 2 blogs per week for the month of January. Expansion is another goal of mine and I hope to add an Etsy Shop named ChaosByDesign to the Controlled Chaos brand. It will sport a variety of print on demand products as well as highlighting some of my talented teenager’s art work. Finally, I want to write more freelance pieces as a secondary stream of income.

One More Thing

Remember how I said you don’t have to share a goal to make it real. I have one Big Crazy Out There goal I am not going to share with the world. The planning, scheming, and accomplishing of this goal is just for me. It may be an Epic Fail or a Grand Triumph. The important thing is that it will be a journey of self- discovery and I am looking forward to following the path.

It is a new year and a new decade, so start thinking about the next best thing you want in your life. Big or small, it does not matter. Finding your truest self is a path of self-discovery and it is definitely a marathon, not a sprint. Do not resolve to change what is wrong with your life in 2020, instead set a goal to increase what is good and make it better.

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