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How to Conquer the Overwhelm of Pandemic Fatigue

Who else is OVER COVID-19 and pandemic everything? Right here! I am raising both hands to the ceiling. Pandemic fatigue is a real thing. It’s been a long 9 months and everyone is ready to get back to normal life. The problem is we are not quite at the end of our pandemic journey. So how do we conquer the pandemic fatigue and keep fighting the good fight for the health and safety of all.

Focus on the Future

quote on calendarThe pandemic is only a season. Admittedly a very long season, but a season none the less. As overwhelm and fatigue set in, shift your mind to thoughts of the future. What do you want the next season to look like? Make plans ladies and gentlemen. Shift your mind from dwelling on how much this sucks to what I want to do next. With the invention of the internet, you can research and dream your heart out. Take those dreams and write down all your elaborate plans. Figure out the steps to make the dreams a reality. Let the excitement of planning something new replace the tired negative emotions.

Remember the Why

What is your why? Why are you choosing to follow pandemic protocols? The answer to that question may be the motivation you need to move past the fatigue. I want to keep my loved ones safe and healthy. As hard as it is, I will stay away now to ensure that we are all together later. I understand tomorrow is never promised – I know this all too well – but I can do my best to give us all the best chance possible. When we reach the end of this season, I will be the first one planning parties and packing my house full of all the people I love. But for now, I will keep my distance.

Occupy your Mind and Body

Stack of BooksBasic self-care can help combat the overwhelming fatigue of the pandemic. Yes, I am talking about nurturing your mind and body. Eat the good foods. Drink all the water. Add some movement into your day. Read a book. Do a puzzle. Create something – anything! Take a bath. Meditate. Go outside. There is a long list of things that you can do without breaking any of our current pandemic rules. Add a few new things to your everyday routine and watch it change your overall mood for the better.

You Got This!

My friends the pandemic is long and the fatigue is real, but You Got This! We will come out on the other side. Some day all this madness will be a distant memory and become stories of “remember when”. Hang in there my friends. I will see you on the other side.


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