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How to Plan a Deliciously Simple Holiday Brunch

With all the hustle and bustle surrounding the holidays, meals can be a cause of stress and tension. After all it takes a lot of planning, shopping, time and effort to put together a holiday meal. One of my favorite meals to prepare is Christmas brunch, or breakfast for our early risers. Why is it my favorite? I discovered make ahead casseroles that allow me to prep the entire meal the day before. Leaving my Christmas morning tasks simple and stream lined. Here is my equation for the perfect holiday brunch.

Start with Eggs

Sausage Egg and Cheese CasseroleEggs are the the mainstay of most breakfast and brunch menus. Have you ever tried to make eggs to order for a large crowd? I have and I do not recommend it. Instead I moved to egg casseroles. Egg casseroles are versatile and simple to prepare. Whether you prefer sausage, bacon, or veggie, there is an egg casserole for you. Our family favorite is Sausage Egg and Cheese Casserole. It makes an appearance on every Christmas morning. Click here for the recipe.

Next Go for Something Sweet and Syrupy

Apple Pie French Toast BakeMy family is huge French toast fans. Quite honestly they would choose it for breakfast 90% of the time. Once again this is where casseroles are going to give you all the flavor with far less work. For years Peach French Toast Bake has been on our holiday table. I discovered this recipe on Food Network and it is a huge hit. There are a few simple changes I make to the original recipe. I substitute canned peaches for frozen and whole eggs instead of egg whites. Click here for the full recipe. If peaches are not your favorite, may I suggest Apple Pie French Toast Bake. Equally delicious and a family favorite. Click here for full recipe.

Now for Potatoes

I love potatoes, so I like to include them in some way, shape, or form in my holiday brunch menu. Sometimes I fry up hashbrown potatoes the night before and warm up in the oven before serving. This year I think I will add another casserole. (Why not, it is working so well for everything else.) I plan to give this Easy Breakfast casserole a try. This recipe combines eggs with potatoes, ham, and cheese. It sounds like a perfect combo to me.

The Final Touches

pastries in basketsThe final finishing touches to my holiday brunch menu are grab and go items such as doughnuts, muffins, and Danishes; as well as coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and juices. Sometimes we also add toast if someone is in the mood for it. I do love a good piece of sourdough toast with butter. I prefer to buy my pastries, but you are always welcome to bake your own. It is all dependent on your time and ambition.

Using this formula, I do all my prepping in the days before I serve brunch. On Christmas morning I throw things in the oven and enjoy time with my family around the Christmas tree. Everyone is fed, happy, and there are no five alarm fires to manage. It is my hope everyone has a safe, enjoyable, and stress free holiday season. Merry Christmas!


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