You Are Enough

How to Redefine the Achievable Meaning of Enough

Life is a complicated arrangement of thing to do, places to go, and people to care for. Do you ever question if what you are doing is enough? I do! All. The. Time. To combat these feelings, I made ENOUGH my focus word for 2021. My discovery is ENOUGH is an achievable goal. I simply need to redefine the many meanings.

Enough is Enough

notebook paperIn a world of over scheduled and over stressed sometimes it is time to say Enough is Enough. Coming to this conclusion is not an easy task. It is hard to say, “I can’t do it all”. Let’s be honest, no one can drop their job or magically hand their kids off to someone else – at least not without some planning and preparation. Make simple changes. Look at all the things-to-do and take them down to the have-to-dos. Repeat over and over – I am doing enough.

For me that meant stepping back from writing for a while. (Did you miss me?) It also meant taking our school load down to the bare minimum requirements. An entire year of virtual schooling was taxing on the littles and I. We made it through, but our efforts waned a bit toward the end of the school year.  Enough is Enough – the world does not need to be a battle for perfection.

Who Defines Enough?

Enough is subjective. You get to decide who defines Enough for your life. So, what is your metric? Is social media defining enough? Are you comparing yourself to others? Or comparing you to you? It is important to consider who we allow define our enough. People have a finite amount of time and energy. For each person these levels are different and need to be honored. If you are defining enough by someone else’s definition, it is possible you are pushing too hard and setting yourself up for failure. Define enough by your own standards and hold true to them without comparison to the outside world.

I Am Enough

Productivity does not define your worth. Whether you manage a million tasks or a single task, you are fully Enough. I find myself falling into a hole of feeling less than enough when I can’t keep up with the never-ending list of tasks. But, again, productivity does not define worth. Remember I created that to-do list, so maybe it needs to be re-evaluated. I am Enough for giving my all into what I am doing. Enough means loving my family with my whole heart. I am Enough simply by being a beloved child of God – God doesn’t make mistakes. The simple fact is I am ALWAYS Enough and so ARE YOU!

Remind Yourself Daily

enough ringWhen I chose Enough as my word for 2021, I bought myself a little daily reminder of where to focus my energy. I wear a ring with the word Enough engraved on it every single day. When those sneaky little thoughts that say “I’m failing in every way” start shouting inside my head, I look down and say – I am Enough. No need for jewelry, there are a million little ways to remind yourself. Post-it notes on the mirror or in the car. Set an alarm on your phone or a calendar reminder called Enough. Remind yourself on repeat until it becomes natural, just like breathing.

Define. Decide. Do

Define what is Enough for right now. Trust me it will change from season to season. Decide that your Enough is perfect and you do not need to keep up with anyone else’s Enough. Do your life knowing that you are Enough when you are fully present and involved in your life. Say it again for me – I AM ENOUGH.


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