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How to Make Big Decisions and Keep Moving Forward

During our pandemic lockdown, we have been watching lots of movies and listening to lots of music. Movies and music is the perfect recipe for joy in this house. Like many other families, Frozen 2 is one of our current go to movies, both to watch and listen to the soundtrack. As we listen on repeat, one of the songs hit me as the perfect answer for life’s biggest decisions. Sometimes motivation, inspiration, and wisdom come from the strangest places.

Who is our Inspiration

Anna brings us wisdom and inspiration on our decision making journey. The song that struck me comes towards the end of the movie. Everything is going wrong, as things often do both in the movies and real life. Anna is at a crossroads, all alone, and needs to make a decision. She can sit down in sadness and frustration and do nothing or she can do the next right thing.


This grief has a gravity, it pulls me down
But a tiny voice whispers in my mind
You are lost, hope is gone
But you must go on
And do the next right thing


Have you ever Felt Lost

Have you ever felt lost by the enormity of a situation? I certainly have. Often the mere idea of taking the next step seems more unbearable than the grief or pain of the current situation. Life throws us constant curve balls. People crave stability and clear paths, simple answers. Unfortunately, in my experience, our world does not provide that kind of stability. Instead of being frozen in our hopelessness, take the next small step and do the next right thing.


It is all that I can to do
The next right thing
I won’t look too far ahead
It’s too much for me to take
But break it down to this next breath, this next step


Make Things Small

When feeling overwhelmed by a situation, the only way I can function is to look two minutes into the future. I ask the question, “What do I need to do right now?” Trying to find the BIG answer to the BIG problem just increases my sense of overwhelm. The more overwhelmed I feel the more hopeless a situation appears. So instead of looking at the destination look at the first turn in the journey. Break the situation down to the very next breath and the very next step. Small steps will take you to the same destination as large leaps; small steps will simply be easier to manage.


And, with it done, what comes then?
When it’s clear that everything will never be the same again
Then I’ll make the choice to hear that voice
And do the next right thing


The Right Thing May Not Be Easy

The next right thing, the first small step may be the hardest thing you ever do. Small and manageable does not equate to easy. We all need to remember we can do HARD things. It is better to make tough choices and move forward, than to remain still and become hopeless. Life will be full of things outside your control, but even in those dark moments there is a choice to make. Do I stay in the darkness or take a small step closer to the light? Choose the light. Take one breath, make one choice, and take one step. The first step will lead to another and another. Before long the destination that was a million miles away is just around the corner.

What if I Make the Wrong Choice

So what do we do if our next right thing turns out to be wrong? Stop. Take a breath. Make a choice to do the next right thing. Life is a journey not a destination. It is more than reasonable to expect to make a few wrong turns along the way. If you stand still waiting to be 100% sure you are making the perfect decision, you will be standing still until the end of days. Everything in life boils down to making a choice. The choice can be to stand still in a constant state of hopeless overwhelm, choosing darkness. Another option is to make the choice to step forward and walk closer to the light. Remember, staying stuck is a choice and moving forward is a choice. We always have a choice.

For those who have not had the honor of watching Frozen 2 a million times, click here to hear the full song that provided the inspiration for this post. Remember the next time things seem impossible, it is only necessary to do the next right thing. Make a small simple choice and then another, and another. A long line of right things become a BIG decision. The choice is up to you. Choose to keep moving forward and do the next right thing.


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