“Mom, you should open a restaurant!”

“Mom, you should open a restaurant.” I hear this statement every time I make something delicious that my children love. Of course, there are other days when they look at dinner like it is toxic waste and declare Subway and McDonald’s as the world’s perfect foods. But so is life and I don’t let it discourage me from trying to broaden their food horizons and keeping their growing bodies full of healthy, homemade food.

I do not have any grand ambitions of starting a restaurant. Cooking for the masses does not appeal to me. I love to cook for those I love and share my food and recipes with the people around me. So here I am, sharing the “ins and outs”of my kitchen with you. I love to cook, but answering the question, “What’s for dinner????” 365 days a year can be exhausting. Throw in the ever-changing budget and the overloaded schedule and dinner becomes a game of “what can I pull off today”; and there is also breakfast and lunch to worry about.

Stayed tuned as we take this food journey together, I hope you gain some insight, find a new idea to try, and most importantly enjoy good food with your family and friends!


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