Never Underestimate the Power of Leftovers

I hate to waste food, but I can appreciate that my family does not want to eat the exact same meal for three days in a row.  I try to look at leftovers as my magical path to a new meal in 30 minutes or less.  I have two examples from the week following Mother’s Day.

On Mother’s Day I smoked a whole chicken and a venison roast.  I had both meats sitting in the refrigerator waiting for a makeover the following week.  On Wednesday, I took the leftover venison roast, chopped it into smaller pieces, and put it in a pan to heat up with taco seasoning and water.  As it sautéed away, I chopped lettuce and tomato.  In about 10 minutes I had a taco bar waiting for my hungry crew.

On Thursday it was the chicken’s turn for a new look.  I chopped the remaining chicken and mixed it with barbecue sauce and shredded cheese.  Next I took a tube of crescent rolls and rolled them out.  Using two triangles, I formed a rectangle and placed a portion of the BBQ chicken mixture down the center. After folding up both sides and pinching all the edges to seal, there was a perfect filled pocket waiting for the oven. I repeated the process until all of my filling was gone.  This time it took 2 tubes of crescent rolls to complete the meal.  Next, it was time to bake the pockets for 15-20 minutes at 375°F and then we were ready to serve. This particular Thursday boxed mac & cheese and roasted cauliflower accompanied our BBQ chicken pockets.

Two days, two quick meals that everyone enjoyed, and we used up what we had available to us.  I call that a pretty successful week!

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  • Susan Woolsey

    Great ideas for left overs. I did the same with left over sloppy joe meat. We called them neet Joe’s.

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