Creating Family Fun with October Fall Adventures

When the calendar flips to the month of October, I officially feel like Fall is upon us. I know technically Fall starts at the end of September, but it doesn’t feel real until we turn the page of the calendar and start plotting our Fall adventures. The weekends of October are quickly filled with Fall fun for every member of the family to enjoy.

Apple Orchards and Cider Mills

October in Michigan is full of gorgeous Fall colors as the leaves begin to change from green to red, orange, and yellow. But my favorite place to see red is at the apple orchard and cider mill. Apples tastes so much better picked straight from the tree. Along with the delicious, crisp flavor come smiles, laughter, and adventure as the littles pick apples from trees that are just their size.


The sweet Fall flavors continue as we drink fresh Apple Cider and eat delicious cinnamon and sugar doughnuts. We’ve gone through 3 gallons of cider so far this Fall and the kiddos keep asking for more doughnuts. I think it’s time to find one more October day to hit the cider mill and fulfill their request. Before we know it, Fall will change to Winter and fresh cider and doughnuts will be a distant memory.

October Fall Adventures
Thumbs up for doughnuts!

Partying at the Harvest Dance

With school age children come Fall Harvest activities for the whole family. Our school puts on an amazing Harvest Dance that the kiddos look forward to every year. The kiddos come clad in their costumes and dance the night away with all their friends. There are sweet treats to enjoy and places outdoors to run around and play. This year’s dance sported an incredibly popular photo booth and a Mexican Food Truck for your dinner dining needs. I am so grateful to everyone who puts together this event; it is one of our favorite Fall celebrations.

Decorating for Halloween

Shhh… this is a secret – Halloween is not my favorite holiday. GASP! I know! Don’t tell my husband and children. Seriously though, I have never been a Halloween enthusiast. It was always fun – costumes, candy, friends – but I could take it or leave it. My children and husband on the other hand, think it is the greatest holiday every invented. Their excitement is infectious and I follow happily along on their Halloween madness train.

Enter the decorating of the house for Halloween, a new October tradition. My original idea of decorating for Halloween was a simple Jack’o’latern on the porch on Halloween night. That is all, no bells and whistles. We now have a full size witch that moves and talks, spider webs, spiders, bats and lights. Last year we started collecting decorations  and the plan is to add to our collection every year.

We discovered last year, early decorating is a bad idea. October winds are unforgiving and the weather wreaks havoc on Halloween decorations. So I hold the kiddos off for the first two weeks of October. I would rather have it look hauntingly spooky for two weeks, rather than tired and shabby for the whole month.

Pumpkin Carving Madness

Where once stood one cute little jack’o’latern, now stands an entire family of carved pumpkins.  We start the month with a family of perfect pumpkins sitting in the living room.  My first Fall décor of the season. I once again hold the kiddos off until the last moments of October for the carving extravaganza.  As much as I would love to look at their adorable designs for the whole month, instead of cuteness it turns into a rotting mess.

My kiddos want to be YouTube stars, so pumpkin carving has turned into a challenge that needs to be videoed. Last year, they were fully costumed while carving and I did indeed video the whole thing. I did not manage to edit and post the video last year, but I have been upping my editing game and hope to post it soon. They are planning and scheming what this year’s pumpkin carving challenge will look like. Their creativity makes me smile.

Time to Trick or Treat

The culmination of all the October adventures is Trick-or-Treating on Halloween.  Our house has a projector playing videos and music in the window for the neighborhood to see. Candy is ready and waiting for anyone who stops by. The kiddos dress up and walk the streets trick-or-treating.

My kiddos are wimpy trick-or-treaters. Two blocks and they are good to go, ready to return home and hand candy out to the kids coming to our door. Daddy was a hardcore trick-or-treater and is ready to walk them for miles, but they turn him down for the warmth of their living room. Adventures come in all sizes; they don’t have to be miles long to make memories.

October Fall Adventures

After a busy month of school madness in September, the month of October is full of celebrations and adventures.  Enjoying Fall activities together as a family is the perfect way to spend the month of October and kick off the Fall season. Next up – New adventures in November.

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