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Why It’s Immediately Time to Stop Seeking Perfect Balance

As we launch ourselves into 2022, it is time to throw away some old ideas and start fresh. The first concept to throw in the fire is balance. The search for perfect balance between work, home, and self is a hot issue. One, I believe we are looking at all wrong. An idea that sets us up for failure. Time to say goodbye to perfect balance and hello to something better.

Balance is a Myth

Achieving the perfect work/life balance while also balancing the needs of the self is a myth. Not only a myth, but this perfect balance is an unattainable goal that simply sets us up to be disappointed. You are one person. Looking at your life, there is work that requires 100 percent of your attention, home that requires 100 percent of your attention, and self that also requires 100 percent of you. Each part needs 100 percent on its own. The math does not exist to balance this equation because there is only one of you. One person equaling 100 percent staring at needs that equal 300 percent. To achieve balance, cloning is required, or a village of people to help, or a billion dollars to hire things out. So, the question becomes, how is this equation solved without splitting myself into three frazzled and stressed-out parts?

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