Chicken Spinach Artichoke Casserole

Spinach Artichoke dip is one of my absolute favorite appetizers. The combination of spinach, artichoke, cream, and cheese is perfectly delicious in my book. It only made sense to take all my favorite flavors and turn them into something hearty enough for a meal. Chicken Spinach Artichoke casserole combines the flavors of your favorite appetizer … Continue reading Chicken Spinach Artichoke Casserole


Creamy Garlic Chicken and Vegetables

Earlier this week, I was cruising YouTube looking for inspiration. I put chicken in the search bar and found Creamy Garlic Butter Chicken and Potatoes. Garlic, butter, chicken, potatoes - how can this possibly go wrong? Since it is impossible for me to leave well enough alone, I created my own version to serve to … Continue reading Creamy Garlic Chicken and Vegetables