Taking the Leap

I want to take you back to February of 2012.  I am UBER pregnant with our second child, moving slow, can’t wear my shoes pregnant.  My husband is working as the electrical pro at a local Lowes store and is miserable.  The hours are horrible, the pay is far less than a Master Electrician should make, and all the promises presented to him upon hire are falling short to say the least. So what do we do?  We cannot keep going on our current path, because miserable is no way to live.

To fill in some back story, my parents are hard-working, talented people who ran their own small business starting when I was 8 years old and my brother 6.  So amidst the controlled chaos of raising two small children, they took the leap and decided to run a business.  No fancy college degrees, no trust fund to fall back on; just two people who wanted more and decided to work towards finding it. Sales talk at dinner and employees calling with issues at bedtime was normal to me. My parents never encouraged us to follow in their footsteps, they encouraged us to find our own goal and work towards it.  It did not matter what it was, just figure it out and make it happen.

Back to 2012, at this point in time Shaun was a Master Electrician and an Electrical Contractor.  We filed papers with the state forming his business and had an official Federal Tax ID.  All that was left to do was take the leap.  So why, you may ask, was he working at Lowes?  Because it was safe and consistent, and he had a family to support, so safe was where he should be. But remember, he was miserable.  He was miserable, so I was miserable.  Miserable was no way to live our life. I started saying, “It’s time to take the leap!”

I had a job with benefits and even though I was about to go on maternity leave for 12 weeks, that job was not going away. We had managed before – on unemployment, on contract work, on our savings – we could do it again.  What did we have to lose? To be honest, Shaun was skeptical.  He did not grow up in the small business environment where you just make this stuff work and it is completely normal. I have immense faith.  I reminded him of how talented he is.  I reminded him that he was not alone. We took the leap of Faith and Main Street Electric & Home Repair was born.

I signed up on Vista Print and made business cards, uniforms, and a website.  I posted our information on any business listing page I could find via Google.  Slowly the phone started to ring. I remember the day Shaun landed his first “BIG” job.  I was due on Wednesday, the job was Tuesday.  My first sweet baby girl was late and had to be forced out with induction, so I had no plans of having this baby early or even on time.  We were all set.  Shaun said to me, “I know you’re ready.  You can have this baby any time after Tuesday.” So what happened, my water broke at 2am Tuesday morning. Of course it did!

We welcomed Alyssa Marie on March 20th, 2012.  The customer of our first “BIG” job was incredibly gracious and gladly rescheduled, so that Shaun could stay at the hospital with us.  He spent the next 3 days with us, scheduling jobs and snuggling a baby. As we started to grow, we were introduced to a family friend who did website design and stepped up our web presence.  The new, more professional website started attracting more attention and more calls.  We continue to grow.  We have slow months and “so busy no one can think” months. I keep looking for new ways to expand our reach and it is an immense learning process. It all started because we took one giant leap of Faith.

Family Owned and Operated – 2012

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