To my Amazing Teachers on the Last Day of School

Take a look at these pictures.

My girls grew so much over the 2018-2019 school year.  Everything was not always smooth sailing, but we learned a lot and kept moving forward.  I contribute much of this smooth sailing to their amazing teachers.  It was a bittersweet last day of school because both girls are moving on to new classrooms in the Fall.  After two years, I feel like our teachers are part of the family.  It will be an adjustment next year as we move on to someone new.  I am not sure I have the words to express my thanks to these two lovely ladies, but I am going to give it a try.


Ms. Sherri, I appreciate your constant calm amidst the chaos. I appreciate your organization and the ability to keep it all together as our energy filled children are trying to pull things apart.  More than anything else, I appreciate the way you truly care about our children.  Alyssa had so many hard mornings this year.  It was a struggle getting her up and out the door and when we arrived at school she was so often glued to my side.  I have no words to express my appreciation for your intervention on those hard mornings.  The way you pulled Alyssa close and welcomed her to the day, letting her know she was not alone; it was priceless.  You gave me the calm I needed to leave my weeping child, because I knew you would give her the comfort she needed to move past the sadness and into the daily routine. I am filled with so much gratitude for you stepping in when I needed to leave. You gave Alyssa such a wonderful foundation on the joys of learning, one I am sure will take her to bigger and better things as we move on to second grade.  We will miss you!


Ms. Megan, I almost have no words.  You came into Mariana’s life during a very rough patch and you jumped all in with constant support.  Your ability to connect with her and figure out her emotional ups and downs was priceless as we navigated a constantly changing landscape of turmoil.  I used the phrase, “Ms. Megan can be your school mom” many times on days when Mariana was walking into the day needing extra support.  You truly were an anchor for her on difficult days.  I appreciate the constant communication and your ability to go above and beyond in all things.  Not everyone hands out her cell phone number because we are SO worried about 6th grade camp, but want to go more than anything in the world at the same time.  Your love for your students is evident in everything you do.  They connect with your excitement and energy and you make learning so much fun.  Not every teacher is mobbed by 10-12 year old girls in a massive bear hug as she enters the gym at a dance.  Only special teachers get that treatment.  You are one of those special teachers! We will miss you!

To all our other teachers, admins, and staff, we wish you a calm and relaxing summer.  Enjoy your time away from the kids to rest and recharge.  We will see you all in September!


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