The Last 90 Days

My blogging journey started in April of this year. My kids wanted me to open a restaurant, to which I said no.  Their next idea was to start a YouTube channel for cooking. I said no to that one too. The suggestion started the wheels in my head in motion, I could do something online with my passion for cooking. It could be fun.  Cooking for the Kiddos launched in April 2019. A couple months into blogging, I realized I loved to write and had more to say. The passion growing inside me became Controlled Chaos launched on June 1st, 2019. Now six months into this journey, my path is changing. It is time to restructure and make plans for the next leg of the journey. Enter my plan for the Last 90 Days of 2019.

Last 90 Days

Anyone who follows Rachel Hollis is familiar with the Last 90 Days concept. For those of you who do not, the idea is to end the year strong and goal focused.  We often spend all of our time focusing on goals at the start of the year and hope that we sustain them for the duration. The Last 90 Days is a chance to re-evaluate, adjust goals, or make new goals all together.  Why wait for the New Year? There is no time like the present to get started!

New Plans

So what does my Last 90 Days look like? Ideas have been rattling round in my head for weeks and it finally came time to write it all down. I am a visual person. Giving an idea color and structure helps me to develop it further.  Sitting down at my desk with a million Sharpie markers and a notebook, I gave my ideas life.


Instead of continuing to run two blog platforms, I will merge the two together on October 1st. All of the content from Cooking for the Kiddos is moving to Controlled Chaos. Controlled Chaos is about life and my life has a lot of cooking in it. The concepts work well together and the joining allows me to focus my energy more efficiently.  I did not originally anticipate how difficult it would be to run two websites. Of course when I started this adventure, I only planned to write about cooking. We learn. We change. We evolve. My platform is evolving right alongside of me. Along with transferring content, I plan to update the Controlled Chaos site. There will be new pages, some category rearranging, and other small things to make the platform easier to navigate and more enjoyable for the reader.

Plans Need Structure

My Last 90 Days will be full of planning and structure. Gone are the days of deciding what to write about the night before or morning of a post publication. I actually have a calendar plotting out posts for the entire month of October. Amazing concept, right! It is all there, in full color, waiting to be fulfilled. Now I am nothing if not flexible, so I am open to tweaking the schedule here and there; but having a month planned in advance is releasing some stress. This project is supposed to give me JOY not stress.


Add Some Video

Remember that YouTube channel my children wanted me to start? Well, I am giving in. I accepted the fact that some people are visual learners and YouTube is one of the first places people go looking when they have a question.  So I am starting a project to video all of my recipes and post them on YouTube. The videos will then be linked to the recipe post on my blog for more detailed instructions. New projects require new skills, so I am diving head first into the land of video editing. Cheers to learning new things!


Full Speed Ahead

It is time to take a deep dive into preparation for my Last 90 Days. I plan to re-emerge ready to go full steam ahead on October 1st. Do you have any ideas brewing in your head that need exploration? Don’t wait until the New Year. Take the first step right now. Make a big goal, a small goal, a personal goal, a professional goal and focus on it for the Last 90 Days. Let’s end 2019 together strong and proud of all we have accomplished and continue to accomplish.

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