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To My Daughter on Your First Communion

October 17th, 2020 my dear, sweet daughter took a giant step in growing her faith. On this day she received her First Communion, a huge rite of passage for those in the Roman Catholic church community. It was an emotional day for this momma. There are so many things I want to say. Here are a few of the most important.

Today You Said Yes to Jesus

Celebrating the Eucharist is huge part of our faith. It is a way of saying “Yes” to Jesus and his teachings over and over again. With each time we take the communion host into our body, we are taking Jesus’ love and teachings into our minds and hearts. Jesus asked us to celebrate the communion meal “in remembrance of me”. When you walk to the table and receive His body remember to do so in memory of all that Jesus taught and His immense capacity to love God and people.

Faith Is So Much More Than Church

Sacraments take place in church, but faith is present everywhere. Jesus’ two greatest commandments were to Love God and Love People. We need to love God and love people every minute of the day, not simply an hour on Sunday. When we help our friends in need, we are living as Jesus taught us. Respecting the people and ideas of others shows we are living the commandments of Jesus. Everything we do in our day to day lives can be an expression of our faith. Take Jesus into your body in the sacrament and then hold Him in your heart as you make choices day to day, hour to hour.

A Child of God Always

You, my sweet girl, are a child of God. He formed you in His image and entrusted Daddy and I to love and care for you on earth. Our God is loving, full of forgiveness, and the giver of immense grace. God accepts you always, just as you are. No need for perfection in the light of God’s love. When we make mistakes, God forgives us. If we make a wrong turn, He walks along beside us as we find our way through the darkness. God will be with you on your happiest days and in the times of your greatest sorrow. God knows you and accepts all your feelings as they are. Feel confident that you can share your full self with Him and you will be accepted.

Momma’s Final Prayer for Today

Daddy and daughter wearing masks at First CommunionMy final prayer is this, to remember this day with joy. I know the world is crazy and today was 6 months late and not according to plan. The pandemic caused us to shift directions and make all sorts of changes. We wear masks and social distance, all while trying to celebrate that we are a community of faith. I want you to know that our community of faith extends outside the walls of the church. Our family is a community of faith. Together we can pray, worship, and live as Jesus commanded from the safety of our space. And continue to do so as we venture out into the world. Hold onto the joy of today as you celebrate communion on the second, tenth, hundredth, and thousandth time. The sacrament never loses its meaning. Every opportunity to come to the table is a special moment filled with joy.

We Love You…

We love you sweet girl and are so proud of the choice you made today. Know that we are always praying for you.First Communion Certificate and Mask Come to us with your questions and we will find the answers together. Look at each opportunity to question as an opportunity to grow. We want you to grow in your faith, minute by minute, day by day. Faith is a journey of many steps and I look forward to watching as your travel the path with Jesus.


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