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Valuable Pandemic Protocols to Adopt for an Improved Eternity

The COVID-19 Pandemic caused the world to change our daily habits for the safety of all. While many pandemic protocols were wrought with controversary, I find value in many of them. Here are my top three pandemic protocols we should adopt for an improved eternity for all.

Wear a Mask

Daddy and daughter wearing masks at First CommunionYes, the most controversial pandemic protocol is one of favorites. Why? Because I hate being sick and I HATE even more when my children are sick. Could we possibly reduce the impact of cold and flu season simply by wearing a mask when you are a little under the weather? You know the days I am talking about. The days when you are stuffy and have a sore throat, but you are not sick enough to stop doing life. What if we chose to wear a mask when we are doing life rather than spread our germs all over creation? Think about an elementary school classroom. Little people in close quarters who are not sick enough to keep home, but will still be little super spreaders to their friends. Instead of spreading germs everywhere, they put on a cute little mask and keep the majority of germs to themselves. I honestly think this could be a game changer in the overall health of our communities. Think about it!

Hand Sanitizer Everywhere

The fact that hand sanitizer is now readily available everywhere I turn is amazing. I have small children. They touch EVERYTHING! The convenience of sticking their little hands under a hand sanitizer dispenser is absolutely perfect. Our new practice of keeping hand sanitizer in the car and using it when we leave any public venue is also perfect. There are more germs than COVID-19 looming around every corner and the pandemic gave us a reason to start new habits that will protect us from all of them. Let’s keep that up. Please do not remove the hand sanitizing stations from the zoo when we receive the all clear on COVID-19. Let’s practice germ killing habits for all the germs from now to eternity.

Slow Down and Do Less

FIerce Free and Full of FirePandemic lockdowns forced us all to slow down and do less. I want to go back to regular life and all its freedom, but I also appreciate the need to slow down. We do so much. The calendar is packed every week. Taking a conscious moment to slow down and choose to do less is crucial for our overall mental health. No one needs to be running 24/7. Productivity does not determine your worth as a human being. Take a page out of the pandemic playbook and choose to slow down on a regular basis.

Looking to the Future

As we look to 2021 and its hopeful return to “normal” everyday life, let us learn from the madness of 2020. Find the good and move it into the future. Learning from the pandemic protocols will help us improve eternity for many generations to come. Let’s make the future better one habit at a time.


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